Israeli army continued its attacks targeting the villagers of Ni’lin near Ramallah city in the central part of the West Bank on Monday for the fourth day in a row.

Israeli bulldozers intentionally destroyed the car of Tahha Al khawaja and shot tear gas into his home. The bulldozers also intentionally destroyed a car that belongs to resident Taha AL Khawaja, while soldiers fired teargas at his home and broke some of its windows.

Salah Al khawaja, of the local Popular Committee Against the Wall and Settlements, said that the Israeli army invaded a local school for gils and used it as a military base.

He added that that troops also attacked local businesses and set fire to a local car.

Al Khawaja also reported that soldiers fired  teargas at villagers' homes; several residents, including a four-day old baby soffocated after inhaling the gas.

On Monday midday a group of international supporters from the International Solidarity Movement – ISM along with villagers from Ni’lin and nearby villages tried to break the army siege and get food and medical supplies into the village, soldiers attacked them with teargas and sound bombs, and kidnapped three local activists.

Sunday was the third day of curfew in Ni’lin. At around 11 am this morning, the villagers broke the curfew imposed by the Israeli forces. clashes ensued.

17 have been injured , dozens more suffered breathing problems after inhaling gas fired by the troops.

The Israeli army threw teargas and sound grenades into the houses. Five houses have been raided and furniture and electronic equipment were destroyed. Five people have been arrested, others were beaten and a number of residents were detained for several hours.

The villagers of Ni’lin have staged demonstrations for over 50 days at almost a daily basis. Hundreds of residents repeatedly stopped the destruction of their fields for the illegal Wall by storming the construction area and disabling equipment. In the last 10 days alone, 6 bulldozers, 2 jeeps and one truck have been damaged by the residents.

Ni’lin villagers expect the curfew to last. Basic needs of the village cannot be covered for more than another three days.