The Israeli army invaded on Tuesday morning the northern West Bank city of Nablus and Der Sharaf village kidnapping 13 civilians.

Official sources reported that the Israeli army invaded several neighborhoods in the city and kidnapped the following civilians: Abd Alraheem Al Hanbali, Husam Fatluni, Najla Masa’b , Khulud Al Masri, Ammar Al Masri, Hanin Druza and Muhiee Salo’us.

Local sources reported that another Israeli military force invaded Der Sharaf village in Nablus City as it totally surrounded the village, ransacked some homes and kidnapped six civilians. The kidnapped civilians are: Wahid Hammed, Abed Allah Fiqha, Ahmad Thiab , Ibraheem Nofel , Kameel Abadi and Muhammad Katawi.

Moreover the Israeli Army continued its attacks on Nablus’s institutions claiming that they are linked to terror activities. The Israeli army ransacked institutions and Palestinian NGOs in Nablus kidnapping important Palestinian figures and civilians