After being sentenced by an Israeli court and imprisoned to five years, the Israeli authorities transferred Sheikh Bassam Al Sa’ady, 48, from the Jenin refugee camp, to administrative detention instead of releasing him.

His wife, Nawal, who was also imprisoned by Israel, stated that he was getting ready to be released after serving a 5-year term, but he was surprised to receive an order from the Israeli Security Services stating that he will be placed under administrative detention, without any charges or trial, for six months.

The family of Al Sa’ady slammed that Israeli decision and considered it illegal since he already served a five-year sentence for membership in the Islamic Jihad. His wife stated that he was wanted to the Israeli security services for a number of years and the army assassinated their twin sons Ibrahim and Abdul-Karim.

Nawal also stated that soldiers also killed her mother-in-law and the nephew of his husband, who was only a child, and added that her brother, Sheikh Mahmoud Al Sa’ady, and her brother-in-law Ghassan, are also imprisoned by Israel, in addition to her brother’s wife, Qahera Al Sa’ady, who was sentenced to one-life term.

Sheikh Bassam Al Sa’ady was kidnapped by the army five years ago in the Jenin refugee camp, and was repeatedly kidnapped during the first Intifada. His wife was kidnapped by the army two months ago and spent one week in detention.

The sheikh and his wife have nine children, their older twin sons, Ibrahim and Abdul-Karim, were killed by the army.