At the close of Friday prayers, the people of Bil'in village ,near the central West Bank city of Ramallah, marched in their weekly protest against the apartheid wall and settlements, joined by international and Israeli activists.

The demonstrators carried banners against the occupation, arrests, killings, closures and incursions against the Palestinians.

The protesters headed towards the gate of the wall and soldiers started firing tear gas and rubber bullets, resulting in the injury of Adeeb Abo Rahmah and dozens affected by the tear gas.

Today there were two delegations, one of European journalists and members from the left parties of the Greek parliament who visited the village and observed the demonstration and were also affected by the tear gas.

On Thursday, the lawyer for the village, Michael Sfard, visited Bil'in and had a meeting with local residents and explained to them the legal status of their legal action in Canada against Canadian companies who are building settlement of Mitatyaho East (the eastern side of Modi’in Illit) on their land. 

Sfard also explained the status of the cases pending in the Israeli Supreme Court about the new path of the wall.  Resdents of the village have objected strongly to the new path of the Wall, as it cuts through their land and deprives them of their olive groves and farmland, which is their only source of livelihood.