Israeli Army invaded a number of Palestinian cities Wednesday at dawn, and kidnapped one civilian in Tulkarem.Local sources reported that a number of Israeli military vehicles invaded the city of Nablus and drove through several neighborhoods for a couple of hours. The army withdrew without taking anyone prisoner.

Nablus and the nearby villages and refugee camps, have been subject to frequent Israeli invasions in the past three weeks.

During those three weeks dozens of civilians were kidnapped, homes were ransacked in addition to the closure and invasion of educational, social, commercial and religious facilities.

Israeli troops also invaded the city of Jenin, its refugee camp and the nearby village of al-Yamoun in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Local sources reported that a number of Israeli vehicles invaded area and troops patrolled the city’s neighborhoods and shot intensive gun fire and sound bombs. A number of civilians were treated for shock, most of them were children. The Israeli army left the area, no kidnapping were reported.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army invaded Qiffin village north of the West Bank city of Tulkarem and kidnapped one civilian.

Witnesses reported that the invading military vehicles opened fire in the air which caused a state of panic in the village.

Troops searched and ransacked several homes including the home of the Ahmad Abed 25, took him to an undisclosed destination.

Israeli army continue to invade Palestinian areas in the West Bank, despite of the ongoing truce between Israel and Hamas, which Israel insists that it does not include the West Bank.