Local sources reported that a group of Israeli settlers accompanied by Israeli troops tried to seize a Palestinian land in Silwan village at the north east of Jerusalem city.

Locals reported that Israeli settlers attacked the land and houses and brought mobile homes with them in order to settle there. Clashes followed between locals and Israeli settlers but no injuries were reported.

The head of the Jerusalem Unit at the Palestinian Presidency Office, Ahmed Rweidi, spoke at a press conference held by residents of the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in support of the Umm Al-Kurd family which faces home demolition as well. “We are faced with a new policy in Jerusalem, which necessitates support on a national and international level.” This policy, which has been described by some as "Judaization," involves the demolition of Palestinian homes to make room for Jewish settlers.

"The Israeli intention is to expel 500 citizens and 28 families from the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah, in addition to expelling 1,500 Maqdasi citizens from 88 houses in the Silwan neighborhood, and there have been decisions to demolish 32 housing units in the ‘Issawiya village. Fifty-five Palestinian families have been threatened with the demolition of their houses in the neighborhood of Al Ashquariyya in Beit Hanina, and there are 250 houses in the Mount of Olives that have also been threatened with demolition," he added. 

The Israeli army says that the house was built without the necessary documentation. Since Israel occupied Jerusalem in 1967 it has rarely given its Palestinian residents any form of documentation for their land or homes.