Israeli Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert, who is under criminal investigation by the Israeli police, stated on Wednesday that we will not run in the Kadima party primaries and will resign as soon as a new leader is elected.

In a press conference from his residency in Jerusalem on Wednesday evening, Olmert said that he does not intend to intervene in the elections.

He stated that he will resign as soon as the Kadima party elects a chairman, and that he would resign from his post as a Prime Minister in order to enable the party to form a new governmentally quickly and effectively.  

Olmert is under police investigation over charges of corruption when he served as the Mayor of Jerusalem and the Trade Minister.

The Kadima Party elections are scheduled for September 17. His decision was considered by several Israeli officials as the end of his political career.  

The Prime Minister said that he managed to improve the situation in Israel and that “he believes that peace track is very important for the country”, Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported.

Haaretz also quoted Olmert stating that he is proud to be the Prime Minster “of a country that investigates its own Prime Minister”.

Olmert is under investigation for a number of issues, but most importantly two main issues; taking bribes for Morris Tanalsky, and American businessman, and the second issue is charges that he submitted duplicate claims of his travel expenses.

Olmert still denies all charges against him, but said after the charges were brought against him that he would resign if indicted.