Israeli sources reported that a private small plane crashed while attempting to land in Haifa airport, on Thursday afternoon, killing three Israelis and wounded three others.

Israeli online daily, Haaretz, reported that that Rony Aita, a police officer who was at the scene, informed the Israeli Channel 2 news that the plane crashed into an empty building located in a base which belongs to the Israeli Air Force. The building is next to the airport, some Israelis who were at the scene were reportedly wounded.

So far, Israel did not release the names of the casualties. But official that the casualties boarded the place in Larnaca airport in Cyprus. The plane carried two passenger and two crew members, all are Israelis. They were all businessmen returning from a meeting in Cyprus.

An Israeli police officer stated that the plane first touched the ground on the runway and tried to take off again before crashing in the nearby building.

 All of the reports which reached the media were based on phone interview with some rescue workers and the police at the site as the police closed the area to the media.

Haaretz stated that Channel 2 said it its report that the plane hit a power line and caught fire. Haaretz added that a graduation ceremony of female air force cadets was taking place just a few yards away from the crash location.