Senior Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qureia has declared that Palestinians may demand to become part of a bi-national state with Israel, if the Israeli government continues to reject their proposed borders for a separate Palestinian state.

Ahmad Qureia, who heads Palestinian negotiators in US-brokered talks with Israel, told Fatah party loyalists that a two-state solution could be achieved only if Israel met their demands to withdraw from all Palestinian territory in accordance with 1967 borders, a reference to land in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip that Israel captured in the 1967 Six Day War.

The unsuccessful efforts to realize the goal of a separate state has created a longstanding debate among Palestinians, focusing in particular on Israeli seizure of Palestinian land whilst building the separation wall. Months of discussions have produced little visible progress on key issues of the conflict, such as the future for the six million Palestinian refugees, and the projected role of Jerusalem – a city both Israelis and the Palestinians view as their capital.