After holding a meeting with Hamas leaders on Thursday evening, the Leftist Bloc ;The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and the Palestinian People’s Party (PPP) held a meeting with Fatah leaders, issuing the following statement: 1. All factions agree to prohibit all political arrests, and to act in order to form a National Committee in the West Bank and another committee in Gaza. This is to end the file of political prisoners, and to act together to create a document to prohibit all political arrests. Hamas and Fatah should be part of this Committee.

2. The factions agreed that the Israeli lack of commitment to the truce requires all national and Islamic factions to weigh the situation, and make a decision that maintains the Palestinian right to resist the occupation.

3. The factions agreed on the necessity of holding a comprehensive national dialogue based on the Cairo Declaration, the core of the Yemeni Initiative and the National Unity Document.

Member of the Political Bureau of the PFLP, Rabah Mhanna, stated that the Thursday meeting is part of a series of meetings and talks carried by the leftist powers in order to create a momentum to speed-up the comprehensive national talks.

He added that on Saturday, August 16, the Leftist Bloc will hold a meeting with Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.