Taiseer Khalid, member of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and member of the political bureau of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), stated on Monday that what Israel is offering the Palestinians is nothing more than a reservation under Israeli sovereignty.Khalid added that such offers push the Palestinians to stop peace talks. Israeli authorities are seen as continuously showing a lack of interest in the peace process.

He called for halting all talks with Israel and for instead focussing on restoring the internal Palestinian unity.

Khalid also said that Israel is trying to force its own vision of the peace process by voiding the issues such as Jerusalem and the refugees. He added that the new ‘shelf deal’ which was presented by Olmert excludes any solution on Jerusalem, settlement blocs, the separation wall, the refugees, and annexes all Palestinian water and natural resources.

He added that these Israeli preconditions, which Israel and the United States are trying to force the Palestinian to accept, transform peace talks into fruitless and endless transitional arrangements without ever achieving a real peace deal.