The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the West Bank reported that the Hamas government in Gaza and its security forces fired 40 health workers, including physicians, pharmacists, lab specialists and X-Ray technicians in one day under the claims that they do not recognize the legitimacy of the Hamas government in Gaza.

The Ministry added that the violations of Hamas has significantly increased and are becoming another threat to the Palestinian people besides the Israeli siege on the coastal region.

The Ministry also said that since Hamas “violently took over the Gaza Strip, its militias attacked hospitals, medical centers, employees and every place that does not accept their rule in Gaza”.

Furthermore, the ministry added that while it already lacks employees, Hamas fired 40 personnel in one day without any proper cause although the fired employees are competent and received all needed trainings.

It also stated that several doctors, technicians and ambulance drivers were arrested by the Hamas security forces and some of them are still imprisoned. One of them is Khalid Seibawy, an ambulance driver who was arrested three months ago in spite of his bad health condition.

According to the Ministry, Hamas forces repeatedly harassed doctors and nurses who are not members of the movement and forced them against the walls in the hospitals and searched them under the claim that they are searching for stolen items.

The Ministry said that it provided its hospitals with computers but members of Hamas forces stole them and offered bargains to the doctors who were asked to pay 500 NIS each in return for every computer, according to the Ministry.