Sami Abu Zuhri, media spokesperson of the Hamas movement, stated that the Sunday speech of president Mahmoud Abbas is filled with contradictions, misinformation and lies. Abu Zuhri said that Abbas’s claims that he wanted to ensure enough countries will support the report during the UN vote are ‘unacceptable lies” as 33 out of 47 countries intended to vote for the report.

“Unlike what Abbas claims, this is a majority”, Abu Zuhri added.

He also said that the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas committed a crime by delaying the vote on the Goldstone report, and added that the Palestinians expect Abbas to apologize for what happened and to act on correcting this mistake.

Abu Zuhri further demanded forming a neutral committee to investigate the issue, and added that he holds Abbas fully responsible for what happened.

Member of Hamas’ political bureau, Dr. Mahmoud Zahhar, said that Abbas lives in a state of delusion and lies, and that he is trying to convince the people that what happened is not his fault alone.

As for unity talks, Zahhar said that Hamas leadership cannot hold talks with Abbas due to his acts.

“We cannot shake his hand, we cannot feel any respect for this man”, Zahhar added.

Several Hamas leaders stated that the speech of Abbas is filled with lies and contradictions, and that the Palestinian people deserve to know the truth.