The Ateret Cohanim that aims at increasing the number of Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem published a confidential plan meant for the eyes of its supporters and donors. The plan includes a list of homes the group ‘owns’ and a list of six Arab homes for sale. The group is urging its supporters to buy the Arab homes in East Jerusalem to house Jewish settlers. It obtained detailed pictures of the homes, their locations and prices.

One of its plans is to expand a small settlement, known as Kadimat Zion, in Abu Dis Arab village, in east Jerusalem. The first expansion phase includes building 300 housing unit for Jewish settlers.

A leaflet distributed by the group to its members and supporters includes a picture of a house, named Roses Gate, and claims that this house would become part of a Jewish neighborhood that houses 21 Jewish families, a synagogue, a kindergarten and other facilities.

In its leaflet, the group indicates to a settlement project in Silwan Arab neighborhood, especially in Batn Al Hawa neighborhood. It vowed to act of expanding settlements in the area and to ‘rebuild the Yemeni synagogue’, in addition to building a museum.

The group is also planning to build 20 housing units for Jewish settlers in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, and has a house for sale for 700.000 USD.

Two months ago, Haaretz said that Ateret Cohanim collects it main financial support for the United States, and collects donations for its activities without revealing the nature of these donation.

The group also avoids paying taxes to the United States and claims that the financial support it raises is used for educational facilities, the Arabs48 news website reported.