The detained secretary-general of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), legislator Ahmad Saadat, stated that a national unity deal is the immediate response to the ongoing Israeli violations against the Al Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem. Saadat stated that the upcoming dialogue session in Cairo should be final and decisive, and called on all factions and institutions to support the efforts that aim at ending internal divisions and achieving national unity.

He called for supporting the Egyptian efforts to achieve internal Palestinian unity, and for supporting the Palestinian national resistance.

The PFLP secretary-general slammed the security coordination between the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and Israel, especially while Israel is ongoing with its violations and attacks.

Israel placed Saadat in solitary confinement at the Ramon detention facility six months ago, and a special committee reviewing his case decided to keep him in solitary confinement until the next hearing in October.

The Israeli Prison Authority has been denying his visitation rights for the last three months.