The Almagor fundamental Jewish group filed an appeal to the Israeli High Court of Justice demanding it to stop the release of 20 Palestinian female detainees in return to a video proving that the captured Israeli soldier, Gilad Shalit, is alive and well. The group claims that it defends what is calls victims ‘of terrorist attacks against Israel’. On Thursday, it demanded the Israeli High Court not to release the Palestinian female detainees under the claim that the risks are higher than the benefits.

It also claimed that some female detainees planned to carry suicide bombings in Israel.

The Israeli High Court rejected the appeal of Almagor group and said that such a deal is political in nature, and is taken by the government.

The planned exchange would take place after a German mediator hands Israel a video tape from Hamas clearly proving that Shalit is alive and well. After validating the tape, Israel would release the 20 female detainees.

The Almagor group said that the video is meant to hurt the Jews, and to “create public opinion allowing for the release of more terrorists in the future”, the Israeli National News reported.

The group added that this video aims at making the youth in Israel afraid to join the army by making them fear that they could be kidnapped too, former senior Mossad official Rami Igra stated.