Head of the Negotiations Department at the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Dr. Saeb Erekat, stated that Israel wants to dictate its policies and preconditions on the Palestinians. Dr. Erekat added that the Palestinian leadership will not accept Israel’s dictations, and is seeking a real peace process that achieves the legitimate Palestinian aspirations.

Responding to the statements of Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, Erekat said that Israeli settlement activities must be halted, and that Israel wants a partner who will accept a state with temporary borders.

He also said that Netanyahu ‘is seeking a no partner stage”, and that the new position of Netanyahu has nothing new.

“Netanyahu is speaking of peace in a public relations tone”, the Palestinian official said, “He wants us to resume the peace process without conditions”.

Erekat demanded that U.S. President, Barack Obama, and his administration to intervene especially since Netanyahu and his government rejected the Road Map peace plan and all other peace initiatives.

“I repeat, we will not be partners in a peace process that does not include Jerusalem, the Right of Return, and we will not recognize Israel as a Jewish state”, he said, “We will not be partners while settlements are being built on our land”.

He confirmed that the coming Friday will be the day for voting on Goldstone report, and added that only those who are guilty and committed crimes, are the ones who fear the report.