Israeli paper, Haaretz, reported that that United States sent a message to Egypt informing its officials that the United States will not approve of a unit deal between Fateh and Hamas movements “as such a deal jeopardizes the peace process”. Last Saturday, U.S. Middle East Envoy George Mitchell, held talks in Cairo with Egypt’s Intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, and told him that the United States will not support a deal that is not coherent with the principles of the Quartet committee.

He also said that some aspects of the anticipated unity deal came in a bad time that would threaten the efforts to resume the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.

Senior U.S. officials said that Mitchell made it clear to the Egyptian officials that the United States expects any upcoming Palestinian government to recognize Israel, recognize previously signed peace deals and ‘denounce terrorism”.

The recent development came while Palestinian factions are expected to sign a unity deal mediated by Egypt on October 20.

The Palestinian Authority received a draft of the deal on Sunday evening and Fateh movement said that it is positive.