The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) expressed reservations on the Egyptian document for internal Palestinian unity, and that the document includes sections that were not approved by all factions. The DFLP did not fully reject the document as it said that some sections enjoy approval of the Palestinian factions, but it has some sections that would not lead to real political partnership and unity.

It stated that the sections in question need to be discussed between all factions in order to reach an agreement that would lead to a comprehensive and democratic solution.

The main reservations are on the elections systems for the legislative council, and the National Council of the Palestinian Liberation Organization.

The DFLP said that Fateh and Hamas movements are trying to reach a deal that would divide power between the two movements without a real inclusion of other factions.

It also stated that the sections regarding reforming the security forces are vague and need further modifications.

Yet, the DFLP said that it did not receive the official document from Egypt, and that it would fully study it with all factions once the document is in the hands of all Palestinian parties.