The Sabeel ecumenical grassroots liberation theology movement is organizing a conference in Beit Sahour city, near Bethlehem, bringing together Muslim and Christian intellectuals to discuss Christian Zionism, an issue of concern to many Palestinians, including Palestinian Christians. Sabeel said that this gathering is intended to be an attempt to break down the walls of suspicion, and building bridges of understanding.

Sabeel added that restoring peace in the Middle East is a vital issue, and that its members and supporters peace would be restored to the Haram Al Sharif and Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

The group added that fundamentalist groups in Israel are ongoing their violations by entering restricted areas, and Muslim Holy places, and issue which caused clashes in the Old City.

It added that these violations and the Israeli provocations such as home demolitions and evictions are issues that increase tension in Jerusalem and the West Bank.
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Each Thursday at noon in Jerusalem, Sabeel holds a Communion service that is open to the community. It is a time to join together to celebrate the Eucharist, to discuss how the scriptures apply to our lives today, and to pray for the specific needs of this region.

Following the 2006 Sabeel International Conference, the Friends of Sabeel coordinators met and discussed the idea of ‘Waves of Prayer.’

The premise is that in their respective time zones, individuals and groups around the world will pray together at 12:00 on Thursdays, in solidarity with
Sabeel in Jerusalem and with ‘Friends of Sabeel’ worldwide.

Starting in Australia, passing through Palestine, and on around the world we will pray for Peace with Justice and focus on specific issues each week.