Jordanian security sources reported that an Israeli tourist was killed on Friday afternoon and 34 Israeli pensioners were wounded when their bus flipped over south of Amman while they were heading to Petra.Mohammad Khatib, media spokesperson of the Jordanian General Security department, stated that 12 of the wounded are in serious conditions. The pensioners were heading to Petra ancient tourist city.

Khatib added that the accident resulted from stormy weather.

Israeli embassy personnel in Amman visited the wounded Israelis and phoned their families through a direct line which was set for this purpose.

Israeli Ynet News reported that Israeli Defense Minister, Ehud Barak, approved a request to transfer the wounded to Israel via military choppers.

The Ynet added Jordanian sources told its reporter that senior government officials and members of Jordan’s Foreign Service and Tourism Ministry are doing all what they can to aid the wounded Israelis.

Israel was officially informed about the accident two hours after it took place, and dispatched 22 ambulances, two rescue helicopters to the border with Jordan.

Israel said that all crossings between Jordan and Israel would remain opened until all evacuations are complete.