The administration of the Ramattan news agency in Gaza decided on Wednesday to shut its offices down until further notice due to repeated attacks and violations by the Hamas-controlled security forces in the Gaza Strip.The decision came due to several factors that include but are not limited to repeated incidents in which the Hamas security forces broke into the offices of Ramattan.

On Tuesday evening, the Internal Security Forces of Hamas, broke into Ramattan office in Gaza and prevented the agency from holding a press conference.

Ramattan said that these violations hinder the freedom of press and are considered as an attempt to prevent or limit free media work in Gaza.

It said that Tuesday’s attack was the first time that the security forces violently break into its offices, and added that it had to pay a heavy price in previous incidents to prevent similar attacks.

Ramattan further stated that its decision was not made as a result Tuesday’s attack, but in response to similar violations and harassment in addition to its financial crisis.

Several media outlets, including the Qatar-based Al Jazeera, were supposed to pay Ramattan for using its equipment, facilities and personnel during the war on Gaza as Israel prevented foreign journalists from entering the coastal region.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights in Gaza slammed the security forces for breaking into Ramattan headquarters as this attack is a violation against the freedom of expression.