Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned on Sunday that Palestinian unilateral moves, especially a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State, would push Israel to make similar unilateral moves, and added that this issue would not boost the peace process.During a speech at the Saban Forum in Jerusalem, Netanyahu claimed that Israel wants to advance peace talks toward a comprehensive peace deal.

He warned that unilateral Palestinian moves would void past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians.

Netanyahu further stated that unilateral moves would only bring unilateral Israeli measures that would not boost peace talks.

He called for the immediate resumption of peace talks and said that he is not seeking talks just for the sake of talks.

Yet , his call for peace talks is focused on the security aspect while his stances that reject talks on the future of Jerusalem, the Right of Return, settlements and Palestinian sovereignty remain untouched.

As anticipated, Netanyahu said that Iran is the biggest threat in the region, and that it should not be allowed to resume its nuclear agenda.

Nimir Hammad, political advisor to President Abbas, said that there is nothing new in the statements of Netanyahu as he is already engaged in unilateral moves.

Hammad added that Netanyahu and his government are acting unilaterally by constructing illegal settlements in occupied East Jerusalem, by demolishing Palestinian homes in the Old City, and by rejecting talks that focus on fundamental issues.