Hamas spokesperson, Fawzi Barhoum, stated on Friday evening that his movement will not negotiate with the Israeli occupation, as such negotiations give the occupier legitimacy to continue the violations.Barhoum added that the continued negotiations with the occupation, conducted by President Mahmoud Abbas and his teams, are imposing further threats to the internationally guaranteed rights of the Palestinian people.

He said that Hamas will continue to defend the Palestinian people and their steadfastness.

The Hamas leader further said that the agenda of Hamas movement does not, and will not, include negotiating with the occupation.

As for elections, Barhoum stated that elections should be the outcome of reconciliation, and should not be held before unity is achieved.

He added that any elections without reconciliation mean that President Mahmoud Abbas is voiding unity talks mediated by Cairo.

It is worth mentioning that president Abbas said during an interview with BBC – Arabic, that Hamas is holding secret talks with Israel in Geneva, and that the talks are on establishing a Palestinian state with provisional borders. Hamas denied the statements of Abbas.