Palestinian sources reported Friday that Israel decided to pardon dozens of Palestinian fighters of Fateh’s armed wing, in the occupied West Bank, including senior fighters who were targeted for assassinations. Some of the fighters received full pardons, other s partial.The act is said to be an act of good will towards President Mahmoud Abbas. It comes as the Muslims are marking the Al Adha feast.

The Maan News Agency reported that Israel handed the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank a list containing the names of 93 fighters who were pardoned after signing an agreement reached between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

Israel fully and partially pardoned 26 fighters from the Nablus area, excluding seven who are currently detained by the Palestinian Security Forces at the Jneid Prison.

Ala’ Sanakra, who tops Israel’s wanted list in Nablus, is among the pardoned fighters.

Sanakra, 29, told the Maan News Agency that he is happy to be pardoned and expressed hopes that this step is one of many towards real peace in the regional, not only political maneuvers. He currently works with the Palestinian Preventive Security Forces in Nablus.

He survived several assassination attempts while his brother Ibrahim was assassinated by the Israeli Army in 2006, and his other brother was assassinated in 2007.

Sanakra said that the Palestinian aspire to live as the rest of the world does, in freedom and liberty.

It is worth mentioning that according the Israeli pardon order eight fighters can now lead and ordinary life without restrictions, 23 can move freely in the Nablus district, 23 were partially pardoned which means they could be arrested and imprisoned for other charges, and 26 can return to their homes in Nablus and other districts in the West Bank.