Several parents of Palestinian detainees imprisoned by Israel complained of ongoing harassment and abuse against them while trying to visit their detained loved ones. The Palestinian Prisoner Society (PPS) reported that the soldiers continuously try to humiliate the families, and denies them visitations rights when they refuse to be strip-searched, in addition to insulting and attacking them.

The PPS reported that the father of detainee Ashraf Al Mathloum was violently attacked by soldiers manning a roadblock near Ofer Prison after he rejected to be strip-searched.

The man was hospitalized at the Ramallah Governmental Hospital suffering several cuts and bruises.

The PPS also said that the soldiers also try to humiliate the women by searching them and their bags without any privacy and by insulting them in addition to trying to force them to be strip-searched.

The families demanded the Red Cross to intervene and stop the Israeli violations and illegal acts against the detainees and their families.

The families who are ordered to be strip-searched always go back home preferring to be denied visitation rather than being humiliated and abused.