The Egyptian leadership issued an invitation to the Palestinian National Reconciliation Committee to visit Cairo in an attempt to resume the talks and efforts to end internal divisions and achieve national unity.Secretary-general of the Committee, Eyad Al Sarraj, said that committee delegates would be traveling to Egypt on Sunday to hold a meeting with Egypt’s General Intelligence Chief, Omar Suleiman in an attempt to resolve some issues mentioned in the Egyptian document for national unity.

Al Sarraj told the Man News Agency that the delegates will look into the means to conduct the needed modifications especially since Hamas is refusing to sign the document as it is.

Committee members met Saturday with Hamas leaders in Gaza, while Hamas said that it would sign the deal after the modifications it suggested are implemented.

Committee members Dr. Al Sarraj, Dr. Kamalin Shaath, Hamdi Shaqoura, Naim Al Ghalban, Mohsin Abu Ramadan, and Hasan Abdu participated in the meeting while Hamas was represented by Dr. Khalil Al Hayya and Ayman Taha.