Israeli settlers escalated their protest against the Israeli government decision two week ago to freeze construction in west Bank settlement.

On Monday morning scores of Israeli settlers blocked a road leading to Jerusalem in protest of the freeze order by the government.

At least a hundred police officers were deployed at the Ma’aleh Levona settlement, northern West Bank, to protect the state inspectors from the settlers, Israeli media reported.

One settlers was injured during the clashes that took place at Ma’aleh Levona , media sources added.

Meanwhile around 400 settlers from religious schools also blocked the road leading to Revava settlement, northern West Bank.

Last month Israeli unilateral declaration of stopping settlement building for 10 months is reported to have meant giving a chance for stalled peace talks to resume.

The freeze dose not includes Jerusalem settlements or 3,000 houses under construction in West Bank settlements. Under international law all Israeli settlements in the West Bank and Jerusalem are illegal.

Last week Israeli settlers attempted to install foundations in the West Bank, to bypass a government freeze on settlement construction.

An Israeli human rights group found that settlers were pouring cement in the shape of building floors so that it would look like foundations in an aerial photo. Hagit Ofran, head of Peace Now Settlement Watch unit told IMEMC over the phone:

‘For the Fake Foundations, the decision on the freeze says that if you already have the foundation of the house you can finish it.’

‘The settlers decided to fool the inspectors and to make Fake Foundations which means they build thin layers of cement on the ground so if someone comes he thinks is actually a foundation.’ Ofran added.

The Israeli settlers took to the streets and didn’t just lay down Fake Foundations. Settler attacks were reported all last week on Palestinians and their property to show the anger against their government’ decision. No injuries reported among Palestinians but cars and other property sustained damage.