Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, decided to build a Wall along Israel’s border with Egypt after stating that this step is unavoidable and strategic to stop the thousands of African migrants who repeatedly attempt to infiltrate into Israel.

Israeli paper, Maariv, reported that Netanyahu believes that the issue of African migration is likely to escalate and could disrupt the demography of Israel.

Israel already carried measures to stop the migration through the borders of the southern cities of Eilat and Arad.

Maariv reported that Netanyahu held talks with top Israeli officials to discuss the details of the plan that aims at installing the Wall.

The available options are a costly wall, and electronic fence or even both. The Israeli army said that if the installation of a fence could cost up to 5 billion Israeli Shekels (1.5 billion U.S. Dollars)

Meanwhile, Israel’s Finance Minister, Yuval Steinitz, said that it would be more easy and cost effective to install a fence with approximate cost of 120 million Dollars.

The Israeli Ministry of Public Security proposed an alternative that integrates the two options.