Egyptian security sources reported Tuesday morning that three Palestinians went missing when a border tunnel collapsed on them in an area close to the Rafah border terminal, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.The tunnel collapsed on Monday night. Palestinian rescue teams could not locate the three on the Palestinian side of the tunnel.

The Hamas-run government in Gaza contacted the Egyptian authorities and informed them of the issue.

Egyptian sources reported that the three are likely to be under the rubble on the Egyptian side approximately 100 meters away from the north of the Rafah Terminal.

The sources added that Egypt is expecting to be handed a map of the tunnel so it can dig the approximate location.

In a similar incident that took place several months ago, Egypt located five Palestinians who were buried under rubble in a tunnel north of the Rafah terminal.

They were under the rubble for five days and managed to survive by using a tube that provided them with water and milk.

They had the tube already set up to provide them with liquid should an accident take place.