Israeli soldiers shot and killed on Saturday at dawn six Palestinians in two separate attacks in the northern West Bank City of Nablus, and in Beit Hanoun, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip. Three Palestinians were executed in Nablus, and three were shot and killed near the ‘border fence’ in northern Gaza.Palestinian sources in Nablus reported that three resistance fighters of the Al Aqsa Brigades, the armed wing of Fateh, were killed and seven residents were wounded when the Israeli army invaded the city shortly after midnight and surrounded several homes in a number of neighborhoods in the Old City.

The sources added that the soldiers broke into a house that belongs to Abu Sharkh family and assassinated Ghassan Abu Sharkh in front of his wife, children and mother.
He sustained several rounds of live ammunition in his chest and legs.

It is worth mentioning that his brother, Nayef Abu Sharkh, was assassinated by the Israeli forces several years ago.

The same method was used to assassinate Raed Abdul-Jabbar Al Sarkaji, 38, also in the Old City as the Israeli forces broke into his home and shot him dead while his pregnant wife was wounded in her legs.

Furthermore, soldiers broke invaded Ras Al Ein neighborhood, in the center of Nablus, and broke into the home of Adnan Sbeih, 33, but he was not there.

Later on, the army torched his home and several hours later, the soldiers managed to locate Sbeih at a residential building and shot him dead. At least two Palestinians were wounded.

The bodies of the assassinated fighters were moved to Rafidia hospital in the city.

Ghassan Hamdan, head of the Palestinian Medical Relief, said that the slain residents were executed in cold blood and in front of their families.

It is worth mentioning that the three fighters were previously “pardoned” by Israel as part of a deal with Fateh leader, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, and are supposedly considered by Israeli as civilians as they laid their weapons down as part of the deal. The Al Aqsa Brigades is the armed wing of
Fateh headed by President Mahmoud Abbas.

The Palestinian security forces, “fully controlling Nablus”, did not attempt to intervene or stop the Israeli invasion, local sources reported.

The invasion into the city lasted for several hours.

In another attack, Israeli soldiers shot and killed three Palestinians and wounded another Palestinian near the Erez Terminal, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip.

The three were identified as Mahmoud Al Sharatha, Hani Abu Ghazal, and Basheer Abu Dheil. All three were born in 1989 and are from the Bedouin village, in northern Gaza.

Israeli sources reported that the army spotted the three “crawling near the security fence” close to the Erez terminal, and shot them dead before they managed to infiltrate into Israel.

The three apparently bled to death as the Palestinians are not allowed to approach the border area, an issue that prevented Palestinians medics from reaching them.

Their bodies were not retrieved until the time of this report, while the fourth managed to return to the Palestinians side.

Local sources reported that the four were trying to infiltrate into Israel seeking work due to the extreme poverty in the Gaza Strip besieged by Israel since mid 2006.