Jordanian security forces installed on Sunday several roadblocks on roads leading to the Egyptian Embassy in Amman to prevent protesters from reaching the Egyptian Embassy to protest Cairo’s construction of the steel wall along its borders with Gaza.The Jordanian police and security forces installed roadblocks around the Egyptian embassy in Amman and prevented the protesters from reaching it.

The protesters carried signs calling on Egypt to stop the construction of the “Wall of Shame”, and to act on lifting the unjust Israeli siege on Gaza.

The security forces also detained the head of a local committee against normalization with Israel while he was near the Egyptian embassy.

Local sources in Amman reported that a number of protesters were also detained by the Jordanian police.

More than 366 patients, including elderly, women, children and infants, died due to the siege on Gaza as local hospitals ran out of basic supplies, while Israeli prevented their transfer to its hospitals or hospitals elsewhere.

Israel placed Gaza under siege since June 2007, leaving the 1.5 million Palestinians lacking basics food supplies, fuel and medical supplies.