Palestinian medical sources in the Gaza Strip reported Wednesday that 35 Palestinian residents of the Gaza Strip were wounded by Egyptian fire after the Egyptian border police attacked them near the Salah Ed Deen Gate, in Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.The Palestinians were protesting in support to the international activists of the Viva Palestina Convoy who were obstructed from entering Gaza and were violently attacked by the Egyptian forces.

Dr. Moawia Hassanen of the Palestinian Ministry of Health told the Palestine Information Center that five Palestinians were hit by live rounds, and are currently in critical conditions.

Dr. Hassanen added that more than 25 Palestinians’ were wounded by Egyptian fire, while others were treated by medics on the scene.

55 persons were wounded on Tuesday evening in Al Arish Egyptian city during clashes that took place when the Egyptian security forces attacked the international peace activists and supporters carrying humanitarian aid to the residents on Gaza.