One man was injured and three other civilians were kidnapped, among them two children, on Monday during separate military attacks targeting a number of West Bank communities. Issa Al Showaheen sustained moderate wounds when Israeli troops opened fire at his car near Hebron city southern West Bank, local sources reported.

The Israeli military claimed that Showaheen tried to run them over with his car before they opened fire at him. Showaheen sustained wounds to his abdomen and the military moved him to an Israeli hospital in Jerusalem city.

Also near Hebron, Israeli troops searched and ransacked a number of homes at Al Arop refugee camp.

Troops kidnapped two children, Haytham Abu Aidee and Salah Al Titti, both 14 years olds, before leaving the camp, witnesses told local media.

In another invasion targeting the central West Bank city of Ramallah, Israeli troops kidnapped a Palestinian man after searching his house.

The Israeli army radio announced that all those kidnapped on Monday were moved to military detention camps for questioning