Legislator Salah Bardaweel, a prominent political leader of the Hamas movement, stated that Hamas believes in reconciliation and is ready and willing to sign a unity deal based on the Egyptian vision under guarantees to preserve national interests. The statements of Bardaweel came on Thursday evening during a seminar at the Al Karama Hospital in Gaza.

He said that the United States and Europe observe the Hamas movement as “dangerous” not because it’s a political party, but because it’s an Islamic movement that believes that “Islam is the solution” and “the road for relations with the west”.

Bardaweel added that both the United States and the European Union have strategic goals in keeping the Israeli occupation powerful in the region as Israel is considered an American and British colony.

Furthermore, Bardaweel said that Hamas was subject to different sorts of aggression by more than one party, and added that the most painful aggression is “what the Palestinian government in Ramallah did as it transferred it embassies into incitement chambers against Hamas and its government.

As for the legitimacy of the legislative council, currently dominated by Hamas, Bardaweel said that this council is legitimate and in charge of all legislations until a new council is elected and sworn-in.

He also thanked Turkey and its people for their support to the Palestinian people and for the Turkish stances against the illegal Israeli siege and war on Gaza.