Palestinian Legislator, Jamal El Khodary, welcomed on Wednesday two medical delegates, from France and Switzerland, who came to Gaza to perform orthopedic, neurological and plastic surgeries in the Gaza Strip. The legislator welcomed the delegates and thanked them for visiting Gaza to treat dozens of patients and wounded Palestinians who cannot leave the Gaza Strip for medical treatment abroad due to the Israeli-led siege on the coastal region.

He added that some of the physicians previously visited Gaza several times and treated dozens of patients.

The Palestinian legislator further stated that more than 360 patients died due to the ongoing siege, and that hundreds of patients could face the same fate as Israel is preventing them from leaving Gaza to receive the needed treatment.

Hospitals and medical centers in Gaza are lacking the basic supplies equipment and medications due to the ongoing siege. During its war on Gaza last year, Israel shelled medical facilities and ambulances in addition to targeting civilians facilities, mosques, educational facilities, infrastructure and even UNRWA facilities.