The Irish Herald reported Friday that members of the hit squad that operated in Dubai and killed Hamas leader, Mahmoud Al Madbouh, 50, carried Irish passports. The Irish Foreign Ministry is currently investigating the issue in cooperation with the authorities in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates filed a request to the Interpol to help in uncovering the identity of the hit-squad members and apprehending them.
The authorities in the Emirates said that they will demand the arrest of Israel’s Prime Minister should Israel’s involvement in the issue be proven.

The suspects, including at least one woman, entered the country using Irish passports.

The Irish Herald said that Al Madbouh, who was killed at his hotel room in Dubai, is said to have been shocked by an electricity weapon that was held to his legs, and was then suffocated or poisoned.

The Herald further stated that police sources in Dubai said that up to seven persons are involved in the assassination, four of them carried Irish passports, and that they fled to a European country.

The police in Dubai did not release the identity of the assassins, but said that the United Arab Emirates is coordinating with the Interpol to have the suspects extradited.

The Irish-Herald further reported that pathologists determined that asphyxiation is the cause of the death, likely with a pillow that was found soaked with blood near his body.

Israel blames Al Madbouh for the abduction and the killing of two Israeli soldiers in 1989.

Al Madbouh was assassinated on January 20. He is believed to be in charge of arranging weapon deals for the Hamas movement in Gaza.

Iran and Hamas held Israel responsible for the assassination, but Israel denied involvement and said that he could have been killed by “other Arab factions”, and that he had many enemies.

His brother said that the first attempt on Al Madbouh’s life was made six months ago, as he was poisoned and was rushed to a local hospital while in a coma.

Al Madbouh was buried in the Syrian capital, Damascus, where he lived with his family for 20 years.