Head of the Central Command at the Israeli Army, Avi Mizrahi, stated that Syria cannot defeat the Israeli Army, and that the army can reach the Syrian capital, Damascus, “while Syria will not be able to stop us”.Israeli online daily, Maariv, reported Friday that the statement of Mizrahi came during a visit to the Efrat settlement, and his meeting with Efrat students last Wednesday.

Responding to a question regarding the statement of Syrian Foreign Minister, Waleed Al Moallem, who stated that the Syrian army can enter Israeli cities in the event of war, Mizrahi said that Syria knows very well that it can fire missiles into Israeli cities, “but our army can enter Damascus”.

He further stated that Syria knows the capabilities of the Israeli forces and knows that it cannot defeat Israel’s army.

Mizrahi was speaking in front of 300 Jewish settlers who enlisted to the Israeli army.

He said that the Israeli-Syrian front is the calmest front, but claimed that Syria “chose the path of terrorism”.

“This is what pushes Syria to arm and own advanced weapons to threaten Israel”, Mizrahi said, “They can strike our cities with their missiles, but they know very well what our army can do, they saw that during the 2006 Lebanon war, and they saw how our army leveled six buildings in southern Beirut in a couple of minutes, they got the message”.

“They know that should war take place, we will win”, the Israeli military official stated, “Make no mistake, we will win, and their army cannot compete with our armed forces”.

It is worth mentioning that former Israeli army chief of Staff, Shaul Mofaz, resigned after the war with Lebanon after admitting the army failed to achieve its objective.