A delegation of farmers from Beit Hanoun, in the Gaza Strip, will be joined by international supporters from the International Solidarity Movement, Tuesday, in a demonstration inspired by the non-violent protest carried out by villagers in the West Bank.ISM, the first transnational group to form under the banner of ‘solidarity with the Palestinian peoples’ have offices in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and many countries around the world, and issued a press release earlier today stating their intention to continue their support for the farmers of Gaza.

Today’s march follows a similar action, yesterday, that was disrupted when the Israeli military fired upon the, approximately, 40 local and international members of the protest.

ISM report that yesterday’s protest marched within 50 meters of the Erez crossing, whilst the delegation chanted slogans, calling for the end of the occupation.

The demonstration intends to show support for the Palestinian farmers whose land falls into the Israeli “buffer zone.” This zone covers 300 meters into the Gaza Strip from their border with Israel, despite Israel’s claims that they have fully withdrawn from the coastal region.

For links to ISM reports on injuries sustained by farmers in the Gaza Strip due to Israeli actions, please visit the following link: