A group of 15-25 Arab Parliamentarians are expected to visit the Gaza Strip in the middle of this month to express support to the Palestinian people living under siege in the Gaza Strip. Egypt approved their entry through the Rafah border terminal. The Executive Committee of the Arab Inter-Parliamentarian Union stated that it “decided to send the parliamentarians to Gaza to express solidarity with the Palestinian people and to aid them in breaking the unjust Israeli siege that targets their will and steadfastness”.

Dr. Ahmad Bahar, deputy head of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), stated that he received a letter from the secretary-general of the Arab Inter-Parliamentarian Union, Nour Ed-Deen Bouchjouj, informing him of the visit.

Bouchjouj confirmed in his letter that arrangements are underway to prepare for the visit on February 15 and 16.

Boushkoj added that all needed arrangements will be conducted in order to facilitate the mission and ensure its success.

He also stated that Dr. Ahmad Fathi Srour, head of the Egyptian People Assembly, informed him that Egypt is willing to cooperate with the delegates and provide them with the needed help.

Meanwhile, the Hamas-dominated Palestinian Legislative Council in Gaza is currently preparing for receiving the visiting delegates.

Dr. Bahar said that this visit is carried out by “Arab brothers who want to visit Gaza and observe the suffering of the people in Gaza”.