Head of the Palestinian President’s Office in Jerusalem, Dr. Rafiq Husseini, will be participating in the “All In The Open” program at the Palestinian TV to talk about the details of “corruption and scandal” issue invoked against him at a report by the Israeli TV.Nimir Hammad, political advisor to president Mahmoud Abbas, told the Palestine Radio that Al Husseini will present details on the issue and the accusations made by Fahmi Shabana, an official at the Palestinian General Intelligence Service.

Hammad said that this issue is a campaign targeting the credibility of President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority (P.A).

He added that Al Husseini will participate in this program to talk about “the personal issue of Shabana, and how the later was used by the Israeli media to defame Al Husseini and the P.A.’.

Hammad further stated that Israel wants to place more pressure on President Abbas as he remains steadfast and rejects to abandon the legitimate Palestinian rights while Israel rejects to stop its settlement activities and rejects to recognize previously signed peace deals.

He also stated that the financial reports prepared by the European Union prove that President Mahmoud Abbas and his government are transparent and straightforward, and added that Israel tries to defame Abbas and his authority by faking corruption reports or by violence.

Some of the reports, he said are against Abbas, his sons, or the senior P.A officials close to him.

Maher Shalabi, the anchor of the TV show, said that this program will be broadcast by the Palestinian TV on Friday.

Shalabi added that his show discusses political issues and presents them in a bold way by asking the right questions.

Rafiq Al Husseini agreed to participate in the program to present his side of the story and to respond to the allegations.