The ongoing investigation conducted by the authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the assassination of Hamas leader, Mahmoud Al Madbouh, revealed that Israeli agents used European passports, while at least three used Irish Passports. The Central Issues Israeli website reported on Wednesday morning that seven Israelis living in Israel and carrying international passports are accusing the Israeli security of impersonating them.

The website added that by using European passports, such British, Irish, German and French, the Israeli Mossad placed the state in a tough position the these countries.

The Central Issues said that “It seems Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is always accompanied by failure”, as the Mossad previously tried to assassinate Hamas’s political Bureau head, Khalid Mashal, in 1997, while he was in Jordan, and now although Al Madbouh is dead, the Mossad could not cover its trails.

The Website further reported that an Israeli man living in Beit Shemesh in Jerusalem told the Israeli media that he was surprised to see his picture among those who are believed to be involved in the assassination.

At least five Israelis also spoke out later on and said that their pictures were published as suspects in the assassination despite the fact that they were in Israel when the assassination was carried out.

They accused the Israeli Mossad of faking passports carrying their real names.

Meanwhile, the British authorities confirmed that the identities of the British nationals mentioned in the report belong to real citizens who have nothing to do it the issue.

The Authorities in Dubai stated that eleven holders of European passports are involved in the assassination of Al Madbouh, and even published their pictures. Six of them carry British passports, three with Irish passports, a German, and a French person.

The Irish authorities said that Evan Dennings, Gail Folliard, and Kevin Daveron, who were mentioned in the report as Irish nationals have no records as legitimate passport holders.

Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that Stephen Daniel Hodes, an Israeli-British national whose name and picture were published as one of the assassins, said that he was shocked by the report and added that he haven’t left Israel for more than two years, and was never in Dubai.

Another Israeli who emigrated from the UK, Melvyn Adam Mildiner, stated that he is angry and terrified to see his name listed as a suspect.

A third Israeli, Michael Bodenheimer, who emigrated from the United States more than 20 years ago, said that he was astonished to see his name in the report and added that he is a student at a kollel, a Yeshiva for married men, Haaretz said.

His name and picture were published but the report referred to him s a German citizen.