Abu Obaida, spokesperson of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, vowed retaliation for the assassination of Mahmoud al-Madbouh, who was killed in Dubai, and said that the response will be “as big as the crime carried out against al-Madbouh.”He added that al-Qassam will not reveal when and where the response will take place, and that Israel must pay for its actions.

Abu Obaida further stated that the Brigades will act and “has the capacity to harm Israel and its security.”

He also warned Israel of “repeating its aggression on Gaza,” and that Israel failed in uprooting the resistance and will fail again.

Meanwhile, Khalid Mashaal, head of the Political Bureau of Hamas in Syria, said that the assassination of al-Madbouh pushed Hamas to capture more Israeli soldiers.

Mashal also called on Dubai to conduct further measures to ensure the apprehension of the assassins, and added that Israel is behind the assassination and should be held accountable for violating the sovereignty of Arab countries.

He further stated that the apprehension of the killers is not only a Hamas interest, but in the interest of Dubai.

The Hamas leader demanded the European countries punish Israeli leaders as Israeli Mossad agents used fake European passports.

He stated that the time is now for action, not for vows of retaliation, and called on the al-Qassam Brigades to act and avenge the murder of al-Madbouh.