Israeli sources reported Wednesday that a border-guard officer and an Israeli soldier were lightly wounded on Wednesday after a group of young Jewish settlers from the Yitzhar settlement, in the West Bank, hurled stones at them.Israeli Ynet News reported that one of the soldiers needed to be hospitalized.

The army was conducting a drill in the settlement; the drill was meant to ‘counter attacks against the settlement”, and members of the local police took part in it.

The Ynet stated that some 30 young settlers, aged 16 – 17, including some masked settlers, attacked the soldiers and hurled stones and light bombs filled with paint.

The settlers also torched tires and punctured the tires of two Israeli military vehicles before shutting the electric gate of the settlement.

The attack angered army commanders who said that they were conducting a drill to protect the settlements in the West Bank, yet the soldiers were attacked by local settlers. The commanders described the attack as shameful.

Last week, the settlers attacked an army vehicle transporting two senior army commanders. The settlers hurled stones and paint cans at the vehicle.