A senior Egyptian security source reported, on Thursday, evening that the Egyptian Border Police located, and confiscated, 3.5 Tons of explosives near the border area in Rafah. The explosives were packed and ready to be smuggled into the coastal region, the source added.

The source added that TNT explosives were located on Tuesday after local residents informed the police of their location. The explosives were placed in 79 sacks and were hidden in the Sarsourya area near the Rafah Border Terminal.

The tunnels in Rafah area became the only source of goods in and foodstuffs the Gaza Strip due to the ongoing siege which was put in place in June 2007.

Israel says that the resistance in Gaza is using the tunnels for smuggling arms and explosives.

Under American and Israeli pressure and support, the Egyptian Authorities started the installation of an underground iron barrier along the Egyptian border with Rafah. The iron barrier also extends to the sea.

The completed wall will be around 6.2 miles (9 – 10 kilometers) and is as deep as 20 – 30 meters into the ground.

It will also be equipped with advanced surveillance equipment and sensors.