Right-wing Israeli settlers threw stones at Palestinian cars near Nablus, breaking several windshields and wounding a Palestinian doctor on Sunday.According to local news sources, the incident took place on the Nablus-Jenin road in the northern West Bank, and is part of a pattern of attacks by settlers against Palestinians in that area that has significantly increased in recent weeks.

A Palestinian Authority official in charge of settlement activity in the northern West Bank told the Ma’an news agency that several dozen settlers ‘hurled stones on the As-Seela road, near Homesh, totally shattering the windshields of several Palestinian cars.’ He added, ‘attacks by settlers on Palestinians in the Nablus district continue, almost every day,” and called on the US and the Quartet for Mideast Peace to intervene and stop the attacks.

The rock throwing on Sunday took place in the same area where settlers shot and injured a teenage boy working on his family’s land earlier this month.