British Legislator, George Galloway, stated that Viva Palestina is preparing to send another humanitarian aid convoy to the impoverished Gaza Strip. A large convoy of ships, from many different countries, will depart for Gaza in June.

Galloway added that Viva Palestina will also establish an international summer school for activists working for the Palestinian cause.

His statement came during an activity held by the Palestinian Forum of Britain (PFB) , Muslim Association of Britain (MAB) and the Islamic Unity Forum (IUF).

Several UK organizations also participated in the event to honor the participants of the Viva Palestina Convoy.

Zaher Beerawy, head of Public Relations at the Palestinian Forum of Britain (PFB), said this activity was held by the Arab and Muslim sectors in Britain to celebrate the success of Viva Palestina in sending financial, medical and moral support to the residents of Gaza, to celebrate the extraordinary efforts by Viva Palestina to break the Israeli siege and to highlight the issue of Palestinian refugees.

The event was supported by the following groups, British Muslim Initiative (BMI), Islamic Forum of Europe (IFE), Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), Stop The War Coalition (STW), Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS).