Children, Palestinian MPs and journalists were among those injured on Thursday during Israeli troops attack on the protests in Hebron city southern West Bank.Two Israeli supporters, one American were arrested by the Israeli boarder police forces during the crackdown on today’s protests in Hebron. Israeli boarder police and soldiers used tear gas, sound bombs and rubber-coated steal bullets to suppress the protests in Hebron.

One of the protests was organized by a local group called Youth Against Settlements in order to open Al Shohada street in Hebron old city. Soldiers closed the street 10 years ago to stop Palestinians from passing near four illegal settlement outposts located there. Al Shohada connects the old city part with the rest of Hebron.

‘Today’s action is part of number of steps Youth Against Settlements will do in the old city. The action in Hebron was part of protests that took place today in 25 deferent countries in support of Al Shohada Street.’ Badiee Dweik, from Youth Against Settlements told IMEMC.

Meanwhile Israeli troops attack Palestinians along with Parliament members who conducted a prayer near the Ibrahimi Mosque, in Hebron old city to protest Israel’s decisions to enlist two holy sites in the West Bank under the so called Jewish Heritage National List.

Dr. Mustafa Al Barghouthi, a Palestinian MP was among those injured near the Ibrahimi Mosque today. ‘We were all subjected to this tear gas, but the demonstration was successful, and it showed how resilient Palestinians are in defending their right and demanding the natural thing which is freedom. Its not allowable to have apartheid in the 21st century.’ Al Barghouti told IMEMC.

Over the weekend Israel decided to enlist the Ibrahimi Mosque, in Hebron city and Bilal Mouque, in Bethlehem city, both in southern West Bank under the so called Jewish Heritage National List.

Commenting on Israeli’s decision, Palestinian MP Dr. Mustafa Al Barghouti added: ‘its is an act that violates international law, but it means what, it means that this Israeli government exactly at a time when some countries are trying to promote Palestinian Israeli negotiations, the Israeli government comes and do this provocation, … it means that this government do not want peace or the two state resolution.’

The Ibrahimi Mosque, in Hebron, also known as the tomb of Patriarchs; as well as Bilal Bin Rabah Mosque, are believed to be holy sites by Muslims, Jews and Christians. Israeli Jewish settlers control the two sites and deny others access there.