Israeli troops started, on Tuesday, to build a new section of the Wall at the town of Beit Jala located in southern West Bank near Bethlehem city.
Amy bulldozers arrived at a land owned by Lyila Ighneem then strated to uproot olive trees she owns to make way for the Wall construction.

Few years back Israel took a part of her land to build a road that connects Israeli settlement in southern West Bank with settlement surrounding the nearby Jerusalem city.

Today bulldozers came and destroyed the rest, Ighneem told Ma’an News. Ighneem’s house will be totally surrounded by the wall, she said that she will have to move out of the house and become homeless because her house will be total overshadowed by the wall.

Such cases have happened before in the Bethlehem district as other sections of the wall cuts through neighborhoods of the city.

Ma’an News reported that Israeli soldiers did not allow journalists to reach the lands and the house to document the incidents by announcing that the area was a closed military zone.