Thousands of Palestinian political detainees imprisonned by Israel started on Wednesday an open hunger strike.
According to the Prisoners Center for Studies, around eight thousand Palestinian detainees being held in 13 deferent military detention facilities in Israel are taking part in the strike.

The Prisoners provided the Israeli Prison Administration with five main reasons for the hunger strike:

1- Humanilation and abuse during searches of family members before visitations.

2- Canceling family visitations to detainees from the Gaza Strip and dozens of West Bank detainees.

3-Using claims of security reasons to cancel family visitations to detainees from the Gaza Strip since nearly 4 years.

4-Preventing the detainees from watching Al Jazzera news and not allowing books into detention centers.

5-Preventing the detainees from taking the final high school exams.

Israel has canceled family visits to Palestinian political detainees from the Gaza Strip since Palestinian armed groups captured the Israeli soldier Gil’ad Shalit in Gaza back in June of 2006.